Sense of the world was wanting,
from my birth to the present.
In my case history they wrote: deaf
and so it remained - star-crossed.

However, in my mind melody
inundates me, I overflow with sounds.
I sense the harmony of songs
and oftentimes get drunk on lyrics.

Your world I yearn to read
on the paper’s round marks.
To seek a clue to your language’s riddles
- total silence never afforded me comfort.

I placed myself in your thoughts - the whirl
of sounds, the murmur and flurry of the wind
the knocks at the door and on the walls:
sounds I never really heard.

And yet, my imagination drives me to poems.
I use your language and return it to you,
that you might listen to verses
I can articulate, though deaf…

My message floats in a bottle,
a bottle on the high seas.
And I’m preparing, all over again,
to convey to you my secrets.