An American province.  What does it mean
to us, who are always thinking of Rome?
And the Ohioan cowboy, how does he see
distant Europe - a forsaken land
nowhere to be found - even
his doggone mind deters him

from stirring the froth of history…
It all started after the redskins,
Africa and Asia are at the back of beyond
and the definition of “colony”
is once again sought in Iraq, the Muslims
and in all religions and races.

Only the Ohioan cowboy is unaware
of those others living on this same earth.
His world extends to North Dakota,
Iowa and Montana, thus confining him
to one homeland, one faith, one morality
and traditions, as before.

Again the other day, with unchanged convictions
and wearing his usual check shirt,
along with two or three buddies, all of one opinion,
contrary to opinion polls,
and not giving a shit about the global village,
he voted again cowboy Bush for President.